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Gencor 400 Stationary Counterflow Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

  • Six cold feed bins with a 2015 Deister double deck vibrating screen with total remote by pass

  • 2015 Gencor 9’ X 44’ Ultra drum counterflow drum mixer with oil/gas burner and recycle collar

  • Standard Havens Magnum 44 baghouse with a 2015 primary dust collector, new bags in 2018

  • (3) 175 ton asphalt silos (new in 1976) with slat conveyor and transfers

  • Recycle bin with rap gator

  • Lime silo

  • Control house with EZ Blend computer controls and loadout control

  • No tanks

Ref# ETC 110CF

rap bin-1.jpg
drum mixer-1.jpg
cold feed bins-1.jpg
asphalt plant-1.jpg
dust silo-1.jpg
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