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Dryers & Drum Mixers


2017 Astec 8’X32’ aggregate dryer with Hauck burner

Ref# ETC130D

  • New in 2017

  • Hauck Starjet 360 burner


Cedarapids Stationary Counterflow Drum and Baghouse

Ref# ETC129D

  • New in 1996

  • Drum is 8’4” X 50’

  • Recycle collar


Astec 9’ X 40’ Portable Double Barrel Drum Mixer

Ref# ETC128D

  • Portable 9’ X 40’ double barrel drum mixer with burner

  • New inner drum in 2004

double barrel.jpg

Cedarapids Stationary Counterflow Drum Mixer and Baghouse

Ref# ETC127D

  • 1990’s Cedarapids E-400 400tph  8’6” x 54’ CF stationary drum mixer with Cedarapids burner

  • 1990’s Cedarapids stationary 63,000 CFM baghouse


Dillman Mixing Drum

Ref# ETC126D

  • Dillman mixing drum

  • New in 2011

mixing drum4.jpg

8’X30’ Aggregate Dryer

Ref# ETC125D

  • 8’X30’ aggregate dryer with a Hauck SJO/G 4520 open fired burner

drum dryer.jpg

ADM 62” X 26’ Drum Mixer

Ref# ETC124D

  • 62” X 26’ stationary parallel flow drum mixer with recycle collar

Adm 100 Drum 044A.jpg

Dryer and burner

Ref# ETC123D

  • H&B 76” X 30’ stationary aggregate dryer with Hauck burner.


Astec Portable Model PDB-300T Drum Mixer

Ref# ETC121D

  • New in 1999

  • Portable 300 TPH Drum Mixer only

  • Hauck Starjet 520 burner

Astec DB 1.jpg

Terex E-3 400 portable counterflow drum mixer

Ref# ETC120D

  • New in 2005

  • Rated at 400 tons per hour

drum mixer2.jpg

2010 Astec 6’X33’ skid mounted Double Barrel drum mixer

Ref# ETC119D

  • 2010 Astec Model 7233 6’X33’ skid mounted Double Barrel drum mixer

  • 2015 Astec Phoenix Talon ll Low Nox burner rated at 50 mbtu.


Gencor 88” X 32’ aggregate dryer with baghouse

Ref# ETC118D

  • 1989 88”x32’ Gencor skid mounted aggregate dryer with a Hauck SJ 4360 oil /gas burner

  • Stansteel 58,000 CFM Baghouse

  • Components may be sold separately


Astec 8’ X 40’ Relocatable Double Barrel Drum Mixer

Ref# ETC114D

  • Astec 8’X40’ Relocatable Double Barrel Drum Mixer

  • New in 2001


Gencor mixing drum

Ref# ETC113D

  • Gencor 89” X 20’ mixing drum


Astec 8’X39’ Relocatable Double Barrel Drum only

Ref# ETC111D

  • Astec 8’X39’ relocatable double barrel drum mixer

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