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Astec 500 TPH Stationary Double Barrel Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

  • New in 1993

  • Astec 10’X49’ Model DDC-1049 stationary double barrel drum mixer with new drum in 2018 Astec Phoenix low emissions burner, blue smoke system, Astec warm mix system, fiber additive system

  • 2006 Astec model RBH-112-WSP pulse jet stationary baghouse with 4.5” x10’ bags, 26,822 sq ft of cleaning area, 2-200 h.p. fan, Astec cyclone, discharge auger, bag leak detection system

  • (3) 35,000 gallon Heatec skid mounted heated asphalt tanks model TA-35E, one tank split 20 gal /15 gal, with a 2009 Heatec model HC-400G hot oil heater on natural gas, 2 unloading pumps, 2 Micro Motion Coriolis mass flow meters, Blue Smoke capture system

  • (5) 250 ton 14’ wide Astec storage silos model NG-5, seismic IV, upgraded with ceramic liners, hot oil heated cones, fed by a 600 tph 81’ tall bucket elevator 2-42” x16’ top of silo traverse slat conveyors + 2-42” x16’ top of silo incline traverse conveyors Truck scale model LPS-180-010 11’7” X 180’ long Complete with enclosed silo loadout tunnel with Blue Smoke emissions control system

  • 900 barrel Astec mineral filler silo model DA-900 with Mass Flow system, transfer conveyor

  • Two Astec RAP bins

  • Astec plant controls that were   updated in 2015 to Astec PM-II, Allen Bradley motor controls panels  &  certified lab equipment…NO control house

  • No cold feed bins

Ref# ETC137CF

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